Microfluidic Factory for “Assisted Self-Assembly” of Nanosystems

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About project

The multidisciplinary project, which gathers experts from micro- nanotechnology and chemistry, has the fundamental objective the realization of a prototype of an integrated microfluidic system able to dose, encapsulate and deliver different chemicals for medical treatment.
Nanosystems employed to deliver active solutions (drugs) or genes only in specific cells or tissues for bio-imaging are, without doubt, of great importance for diagnosis and treatment of different pathologies and can become feasible from the economic point of view. The encapsulation will be performed by self-assembly of nanosystems in microfluidic channels by employing the use of liposomes.

The aim of the project is to create and develop a research nucleus with a high degree of scientific and technological competence with direct implications on the development of bio-nano-engineering in Romania, corroborated with the enlargement of the knowledge database and of the research capacity with favorable implications on national and international competitivity in the field of biomedicine integrated microfluidics.

The proposed research activities have frontier applicability and are dedicated to investigate the most advanced aspects regarding interactions in supramolecular systems, to emphasize new interactions, to understand the mechanisms behind the behavior of biochemical systems on a molecular level.

The project will provide an opportunity to gain insights into vesicle formation and ability in microfluidic channels under electromagnetic and shear fields, an area which remains poorly understood. The controlled drug release systems, as a modern strategy for administering medical active substances, is extending it’s applicability into medical practice, the advantages of continuous release determining the conditions needed to respect the indications and preferential treatment tendencies in different interest areas.

We wish to develop some microfluidic technological platforms, under the form of flexible and modular technologies such that with the same modules to perform different tasks like transportation, manipulation, and structural analysis of biological samples. Also the technologies should be portable, able to make multiple detections and they should be attractive for the industry through it’s immense applicative potential. Microfluidic platforms are essential components of the detection and biological analysis systems being used recently with great success in the fight against influenza (H1N1) or SARS viruses.


Project financed by the European Regional Development Fund.
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