Microfluidic Factory for “Assisted Self-Assembly” of Nanosystems

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Project title (acronim): Microfluidic Factory for “Assisted Self-Assembly” of Nanosystems (MICRONANOFAB)
Project thematic area: Innovative materials, products and processes
Operational programme: POS CCE
Priority Axis: AP2: Competitivitate prin Cercetare, Dezvoltare Tehnologica si Inovare 2  – Research, Technological Development and Innovation for Competitiveness

Intervention field: KAI2.1 „R&D partnerships between universities/ research institutes, and enterprises for generating results directly applicable in economy”      

ID/COD SMIS/No. and contract data : 665/12609/209/20.07.2010
Operation: O.2.1.2 "Complex research projects fostering the participation of high-level international experts"
State-aid scheme: RDI aid scheme excepted from notification „Financing research-development and innovation (RDI) projects via the Sector Operational Program for the Increase in Economic Competitiveness (SOP-IEC)” approved by OM no. 3388/2008                       
Project total value /The amount of financial assistance grants: 7.071.000/5.900.000 lei
Duration of contract: 42 months
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Press releases -project launch (in Romanian)

Flyer MICRONANOFAB (in Romanian)

Roll-up MICRONANOFAB (in Romanian)

New! RESULTS – STAGE XIII (in Romanian)

Project financed by the European Regional Development Fund.
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