Curriculum Vitae





Mircea Dragoman was born in Bucharest in 1955. He graduated the Polytechnical Institute in Bucharest, Electronic Faculty, in 1980. He received the doctoral degree in electronics in 1991. In the period 1980-1984 he has worked as a design engineer in the factory for Automatic Elements (FEA) and then in the period 1984-1996 he has worked in the Research Institute for Electron Devices (ICCE) Bucharest in the microwave laboratory where he designed and a wide range of passive and active microwave devices.

Mircea Dragoman is a senior researcher I at the National Research Institute in Microtechnologies, since 1996. Since 1996 he is working in the laboratory “Microsystems and micromachined circuits for microwaves- (RF MEMS)” where he designed and characterized a series of circuits in the microwave and millimeter range. He implemented (2007) the first laboratory for on-wafer measurements of the planar microwave circuits up to 65 GHz which is in an advanced state to be acreditated. Presently, he is the chief of this laboratory (MICROLAB). He has realized the first carbon nanotube and graphene circuits in Romania, some of them being the first devices worldwide. He is director of project in some Romanian founded projects dedicated to nanoelectronics and he is working in some EU projects. In the period 1992-1994 he was the recipient of the Humbold Fellowship award and he has followed postdoctoral studies at Duisburg University, Germany. He was invited professor at : CNR- Istituto di Electtronica dello Stato Solido-Roma (1996), Univ. Saint-Etienne –Franta (1997), Univ. Mannheim (1998-1999, 2001-2002), Univ. Frankfurt  (2003), Univ. Darmstadt (2004); in the period 2005-2006 he was nminated directeur de recherche at CNRS LAAS Toulouse. He had more than 40 invited papers in UE and 2 two university courses France (Nanoelectronics, 2005), Germania (Nonlinera Phenomena,1992).

He has published 159 scientific papers: 86 in journals (76 ISI papers) si 73 communications at various national and international conferences. The papers are dedicated to the following areas: nanoelectronics, microwaves, MEMS, optoelectronics, which are also the main area of research in which I am currently working. He is co-author of the following books:

  • D. Dragoman, M. Dragoman “Advanced Optoelectronic Devices”, Springer, 421 pages (1999)
  • D. Dragoman, M. Dragoman, “Optical Characterization of Solids, Springer, 450 pages (2002),
  • D. Dragoman, M. Dragoman “Quantum Classical Analogies”, Springer,400 pages (2004)
  • M. Dragoman, D. Dragoman-Nanoelectronics. Principles and Devices, Artech House, Boston, USA (2006), 1st edition, 420 pages,( 2006).
  • M. Dragoman, D.Dragoman-Nanoelectronics. Principles and Devices, Artech House, Boston, USA (2008), 2nd edition, 500 pages, (2008).

In 2002 he was nominalized at the Descartes Prize of UE together other colleagues from IMT and other 6 research teams from abroad. He has received the Romanian Academy Prize Gh. Cartianu in 1999, for the book Advanced Optoelectronic Devices, Springer.