Curriculum Vitae


Radu Cristian Popa was born in 1965, in Bucharest. He graduated in 1989 the Poytechnic University of Bucharest, Department of Electronics and Telecommunications. In 1998 he received his PhD at the Department of Quantum Engineering and Systems Science, University of Tokyo. 1989-1992 he was with IIRUC-Bucharest, specializing in computer architectures. Afterwards, he obtained the position of assistant professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering, Polytechnic University of Bucharest, where he studied and implemented physical models for transport and interface phenomena in semiconductor materials and devices and participated in the scientific collaboration contracts with Electricité de France, Paris.

1995-1998, during his PhD thesis at the University of Tokyo he studied and proposed constructive and algorithmic solutions - design of optimized sensors for signal detection and inversion, efficient methods for numeric reconstruction of geometric profile of material defects. The work was done in the frame of Japanese Governmental efforts towards developing advanced detection and analysis systems designed to prevent accidents involving radioactive leakage from the primary circuit of fission reactors.

1998-2003, Radu Popa was Senior Researcher with Science Solutions International Laboratory, Inc., Tokyo, where he was in charge with, or participated in competitive research contracts for various Japanese corporations, companies and universities. He developed here a software system for detailed coupled analysis of the Japanese magnetic levitation train, used for design and safety optimizations. He was also working in module development and maintenance of commercial software for coupled field analysis, and realized various scientific and technical studies for implementation of patents in advanced technologies.       

2003-2006, he was first scientific associate at the University of Tuebingen and became Director of Development at Neurostar GmbH, Germany. He studied neuronal firing patterns from in-vivo recorded signal aiming at extracting class information and current anatomical location of the recording probe. He managed the development of a complete system used in functional neurosurgery - including probe sensing and programmable hardware, medical imaging, real-time processing and analysis of neurophysiologic signal - and of integrated systems for neuroscience research.

He is currently with the National Institute for R&D in Microtechnologies - IMT-Bucharest - and leads the Molecular Nanotechnology Lab., which belongs to the Center for Nanotechnology. He studies techniques and solutions for the identification of DNA nucleotide sequences.

Radu Popa published 10 papers in: nondestructive testing and material modeling, modeling and analysis for complex systems, neuroscience research. He reviewed for Journal of Nondestructive Evaluation (Springer) si International Journal of Applied Electromagnetics and Mechanics (IOS Press-The Netherlands). He authored numerous studies, research reports and technical documents, has more than 10 technological achievements in current commercial products in Japan and Germany, and led or joined more than 10 programs/projects at international level.