Engineered group III-N-(As) alloys and low-dimensional
heterostructures for high efficiency intermediate band solar cells- N-IBCell

Aliaje din grupa III-N-(As) si heterostructuri cu dimesiuni reduse inginerizate pentru celule solare cu banda intermediara de inalta eficienta- N-IBCell


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Project description

The project, N-IBCell, aims to fabricate high efficiency intermediate band solar cells (IBSCs). These are solar cells design to absorb also below bandgap energy photons by means of an electronic energy band that is located within the host semiconductor bandgap, producing thus enhanced photocurrent while ideally maintaining the photovoltage given by the host photovoltaic material bandgap.
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News/ Events/ Results/ Progress

New! Nobel Prize in Physics for III-nitride pioneers (EN)

A great recognition for the III-nitride community. The 2014 Nobel Prize in Physics goes jointly to Isamu Akasaki, Hiroshi Amano and Shuji Nakamura for their pioneering work on blue-emitting III-nitride LEDs.
Inspired by the research of Akasaki, Amano and Nakamura the IMT-Bucharest performs research with the goal to develop III-nitride solar cells based on intermediate band approach theoretically predicted to have the highest conversion efficiency to date for just one junction device. [more details].

  • The growth, treatment, and characterization of lattice-matched bandgap-engineered (x»3y) dilute-nitride (x≤1%) Ga1-xInxNyAs1-y/GaAs alloys with significantly improved electrical and optical properties suitable for achieving high conversion efficiencies (ideally close to the theoretical values) when integrating in an intermediate band solar cell.
  • The design, growth, processing and characterization of IBSCs containing engineered GaInNAs/GaAs alloys showing significantly improved photocurrents with minimal drop in photovoltage.
  • The growth and characterization of device-quality BzInxGa1-x-zN/GaN alloys with dilute boron and low indium contents (z≤5%,x<20%) and strained engineered In(Ga)N/BInGaN/InGaN QDs array for IBSCs applications.
  • The design, growth, fabrication and characterization of intermediate band solar cells on GaN substrates containing bandgap and strained-engineered multiple-layers In(Ga)N/BInGaN/InGaN QDs with enhanced photocurrents and minimal photovoltage drop.

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Estimated results

  • Innovative technology for improving the transport and optical properties of lattice-matched dilute nitride quaternary GaInNAs/GaAs alloys (N≤1%) by electron irradiation and subsequent thermal annealing.
  • Innovative technology for growth by MBE of high quality BInGaN/GaN epitaxial layers with dilute boron content up to 5% and indium content < 20%.
  • Experimental and functional models of GaInNAs-based IBSCs with improved conversion efficiencies.
  • Experimental and functional models of strain engineered In(Ga)N/BInGaN/GaN QDs intermediate band solar cells with improved conversion efficiencies.


General information about project:

  • Project number: RO14-0010
  • Project duration: 1.07.2014-30.04.2017
  • Project budget: 838.900 Euro
  • Cofinancing NTNU only: 193.887 Euro
  • Thematic area: Renewable energy

The social, economical and environmental impact

The project results lead to the improvements in the quality of life under different aspects (social, economical and environmental) and on different time perspective.

  • On short term- the project will generate new jobs, improving the quality of life;
  • On medium term- the project will ensure the security of energy supply
  • On long term- the project will ensure environment conservation.

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Coordinated by:

National Institute for Reseach and Development in Microtechnologies- IMT Bucharest


In partnership with:

Norvegian University of Science and Technology -NTNU

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Project funded under RO14 Romanian-EEA Research Programme - "Research within priority sectors" ,
Financial Mechanism SEE 2009 - 2014.
Programme Operator: Ministry of National Education (MEN), Implementing Agency: Executive Agency for Higher Education, Research, Development and Innovation Funding (UEFISCDI), Romania
Responsible for donor state: Research Council of Norway
(RCN), Norway

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