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    1. Characterization technique for inhomogeneous 4H-SiC Schottky contacts: A practical model for hightemperature behavior, Brezeanu, G.; Pristavu, G.; Draghici, F.; Badila, M; Pascu, R; JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS   Volume: 122   Issue: 8     Article Number: 084501   Published: AUG 28 2017 IF:  2.068
    2. Electrochemical Deposition of Zinc Oxide on the Surface of Composite Membrane Polysulfone-Graphene-Polystyrene in the Presence of Water Soluble Polymers, A. Mocanu, E. Rusen, A Diacon, C. Damian, A. Dinescu, M. Suchea, JOURNAL OF NANOMATERIALS, Article Number: 1401503   Published: 2017 IF: 1.871
    3. Extraordinary tunability of high-frequency devices using Hf0.3Zr0.7O2 ferroelectric at very low applied voltages, M. Dragoman, M. Aldrigo, M. Modreanu, et al. APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS Volume: 110 Issue: 10 Article Number: 103104 Published: MAR 6 2017 IF: 3.411
    4. Phased antenna arrays based on non-volatile resistive switches, Dragoman, Mircea; Aldrigo, Martino; Adam, Gina IET MICROWAVES ANTENNAS & PROPAGATION,Volume: 11 Issue: 8 Pages: 1169-1173  Published: JUN 22 2017 IF: 1.187
    5. Smart two-dimensional material-based time modulated array for RFID applications, M. Aldrigo, D. Masotti  and  M. Dragoman,” IET Microwaves, Antennas & Propagation 11, 2267 – 2272 (2017). IF 1.187 
    6. Very large phase shift of microwave signals in a 6nm HfxZr1-xO2 ferroelectric at +/- 3V, Dragoman, Mircea; Modreanu, Mircea; Povey, Ian M.; Iordanescu, S; Aldrigo, M; Romanitan, C; Vasilache, D; Dinescu, A; Dragoman, D; NANOTECHNOLOGY, Volume: 28, Issue: 38, Article Number: 38LT04, Published: SEP 20 2017, IF: 3.44.


    1. Backscattering Modulators for UWB Antenna Measurement, Buiculescu, Valentin; Giangu, Ioana, Romanian Journal of Information Science and Technology, vol. 19 (2016), No. 3, pp. 215-226 Impact Factor:  0.304
    2. Graphene rectenna for efficient energy harvesting at terahertz frequencies, Dragoman, Mircea; Aldrigo, Martino, APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS Volume: 109   Issue: 11 Article Number: 113105   Published: SEP 12 2016 Impact Factor 3.142
    3. Influence of Au-Based Metallization on the Phase Velocity of GaN on Si Surface Acoustic Wave Resonators, Stefanescu, Alexandra; Mueller, Alexandru; Giangu, Ioana; Dinescu, Adrian; Konstantinidis, George; IEEE ELECTRON DEVICE LETTERS, MAR 2016, Vol. 37, Issue 3, p. 321-324, DOI 10.1109/LED.2016.2521431 Impact Factor 2.528
    4. W-Band receiver with Zero Bias Diode operated in the 23K - 295 K temperature range, Bunea, Alina C.; Neculoiu, Dan; Avram, Andrei;  Muller, Alexandru, Romanian Journal of Information Science and Technology, vol. (2016), No. 3, pp. 227-239 Impact Factor:  0.304


    1. 3D direct laser writing of Petabyte Optical Disk, Pavel, E.; Jinga, S. I.; Vasile, B. S.; Dinescu, A.; Trusca, R.; Tosa, N.;  OPTICS AND LASER TECHNOLOGY, Volume: 71, Pages: 45-49, Published: AUG 2015 IF: 1.647
    2. MoS2 thin films as electrically tunable materials for microwave applications, Dragoman, M; Cismaru, A; Aldrigo, M; Radoi, A; Dinescu, A; Dragoman, D; APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS  Volume: 107, Issue: 24,  Article Number: 243109, Published: DEC 14 2015, IF: 3.302
    3. Sezawa Propagation Mode in GaN on Si Surface Acoustic Wave Type Temperature Sensor Structures Operating at GHz Frequencies,  Muller, Alexandru; Giangu, Ioana; Stavrinidis, Antonis; Stefanescu, Alexandra; Stavrinidis, George; Dinescu, Adrian; Konstantinidis, GeorgeIEEE ELECTRON DEVICE LETTERS,  Volume: 36, Issue: 12, Pages: 1299-1302, Published: DEC 2015, IF:  2.754
    4. Switching microwaves via semiconductor-isolator reversible transition in a thin-film of MoS2Dragoman, M; Cismaru, A; Aldrigo, M; Radoi, A; Dragoman, D; JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS, Volume: 118, Issue: 4, Article Number: 045710, Published: JUL 28 2015, IF: 2.183


    1. GaN/Si based single SAW resonator temperature sensor operating in the GHz frequency range, A Muller, G Konstantinidis, V Buiculescu, A Dinescu, A Stavrinidis, A Stefanescu, G Stavrinidis, I Giangu, A Cismaru, A Modoveanu, SENSORS AND ACTUATORS A-PHYSICAL  Volume: 209   Pages: 115-123   Published: MAR 1 2014 Impact Factor: 1.943 
    2. Smart antennas based on graphemeM. Aldrigo, M Dragoman, D Dragoman, JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS, Volume: 116   Issue: 11, Article Number: 114302, Published: SEP 21 2014, Impact Factor: 2.185
    3. Near-field and extinction spectra of rod-shaped nanoantenna dimersSandu, Titus, PROCEEDINGS OF THE ROMANIAN ACADEMY SERIES A-MATHEMATICS PHYSICS TECHNICAL SCIENCES INFORMATION SCIENCE, Volume: 15 Issue: 4, Pages: 338-345, Published: OCT-DEC 2014, Impact Factor: 1.115
    4. FABRICATION OF THIN DIELECTRIC MEMBRANES FOR MICROWAVE APPLICATIONS, A Avram, AC Bunea, C Obreja, M Avram, B Bita, C Parvulescu, M Popescu, D Neculoiu, DIGEST JOURNAL OF NANOMATERIALS AND BIOSTRUCTURES  Volume: 9   Issue: 3   Pages: 1263-1269   Published: JUL-SEP 2014 Impact Factor: 1.123 
    5. Towards a terahertz direct receiver based on graphene up to 10 THz, M Dragoman, M Aldrigo, A Dinescu, D Dragoman, A Costanzo, JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS  Volume: 115 Issue: 4 Article Number: 044307 Published: JAN 28 2014 Impact Factor: 2.185


    1. “MM-wave metamaterial adjustable antenna on magnetically biased ferritic substrate”, International Journal of Antenna and Propagation, Gh. Sajin, I.A. Mocanu, F. CraciunoiuIJAP, Vol. 2013, article ID 696483, 9 pages, ISSN: 1687-5869 (Print), ISSN: 1687-5877 (Online), doi:10.1155/8039, Available online at:  http://www.hindawi.com/journals/ijap/aip/696483/ FI: 0,683
    2. “Enhancement of higher harmonics in graphene-based coupled coplanar line microwave multipliers”, M Dragoman, A Cismaru, A Dinescu, D Dragoman, G. Stavrinidis, and G. Konstantinidis, Journal of Applied Physics 114, 154304 (2013); FI: 2.21
    3. Graphene as a high impedance surface for ultra-wideband electromagnetic waves”, M Aldrigo, M Dragoman, A Constanzo, and D Dragoman, Journal of Applied Physics 114, 184308 (2013); FI: 2.21
    4. "Metamaterial Antenna on Magnetically Polarized Ferrite Substrate", Mocanu I ACraciunoiu F., Sajin Gh. I, University Politehnica of Bucharest Scientific Bulletin Series A – Applied Mathematics and Physics, Vol. 75, (2013), Issue 3, pp. 187-194, ISSN 1223-7027. Factor impact: 0.30


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