Grup of activitaties

New RF Microsystems to be developed are









77 GHz hybrid integrated silicon micromachined receiver
The technology was developed in cooperation with LAAS-CNRS Toulouse. Measurements in progres
77 GHz hybrid integrated silicon micromachined receiver - layout


Technological flow
Detail of the wafer containing structures of 77 GHz hybrid integrated silicon micromachined receiver
60 GHz monolitic integrated receiver based on GaAs micromachining
The technology was developed in cooperation with FORTH Heraklion.
Structure of the 60 GHz monolitic integrated receiver based on GaAs micromachining
Detail of the Yagi-Uda antennae
Experimental detected voltage as a function of bias current for 60 GHz operating frequency
Measured E-plane radiation pattern at 60 GHz (measurements performed at VTT Helsinki)
GaN membrane supported FBAR
The technology was developed in cooperation with FORTH Heraklion and TU Darmstadt
Top optical photo of the active area of the experimental F-BAR structure. The gold area around the top electrode is the bottom metallization of the FBAR. It is seen from the top-side because the membrane is transparent.
Return losses vs frequency for the GaN membrane supported FBAR structure
Real (right vertical axis)and imaginary part (left vertical axis)of the impedance for the measured GaN FBAR test structure



ACOMEMS Scientific papers


Published ISI papers

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