Tuesday, October 14, 15:00, Room “B”

Rounded Rectangle: MATERIAL  PHYSICS    Session MP: Oral presentations   



M.L. Ciurea, INCD–FM, Bucharest, Romania
A. Georgakilas, MRG, IESL, FORTH, Crete, Greece.


MP. 1 15:00

SIZE QUANTIZATION AND THERMO-ELECTRIC PROPERTIES OF BISMUTH TELLURIDE NANOWIRES, I.M. Bejenari, V.G. Kantser, Inst. of Electronic Engineering and Industrial Technologies, Chisinau, Moldova.

MP. 2 15:20

THE INFLUENCE OF DEEP LEVELS ON THE ADMITTANCE OF MIS STRUCTURES WITH SOL-GEL TiO2 INSULATOR FILM, S. Simeonov1, A Szekeres1, I. Minkov1, K. Ivanova2, M. Gartner3, C. Parlog3, 1Inst. of Solid State Physics, 2Central Lab. of Solar Energy and New Energy Sources, Bulgaria, 3Inst. of Physical Chemistry, Bucharest, Romania.

MP. 3 15:40

RECOMBINATION PROPERTIES OF ZnIn2S4:Cu SINGLE CRYSTALS, V.F. Zhitar, V.I. Pavlenko, E.D. Arama*, T.D. Shemyakova, Inst. of Applied, *N. Testemitsanu Medical Univ. of Moldova, Chisinau, Moldova.

MP. 4 16:00

POLYSULFONE- DOPED POLYANILINE COMPOSITE MEMBRANES. SYNTHESIS AND ELECTROCHEMICAL CHARAC-TERISTICS, S.I. Voicu, N.D. Stanciu*, A.C. Nechifor, D.I. Vaireanu, G. Nechifor, “Politehnica” Univ. of Bucharest, *Centre for Organic Chemistry “Constantin D. Nenitescu”, Bucharest, Romania.

MP. 5 16:20

Ab INITIO STUDY OF NEUTRAL OXYGEN VACANCIES IN RUTILE TiO2, R. Plugaru1, M. Artigas2, N. Plugaru2,3, 1IMT-Bucharest, Romania, 2Univ. of Zaragoza, Spain, 3National Inst. of R&D Materials Physics, Bucharest, Romania.

MP. 6 16:40

CRITICAL PARAMETERS IN SUPER-CONDUCTOR SINGLE CRYSTAL WIRES OF DOPED LEAD TELLURIDE, E.A. Zasavitsky, V.G. Kantser, Inst. of Electronic Engineering and Industrial Technologies, Chisinau, Moldova.

MP. 7 17:00

Model for the low frequency electrical relaxation in Si porous, A.A. Dafinei, A. Ioanid, A.S. Dafinei, Univ. of Bucharest, Romania.


17:20–17:50   COFFEE  BREAK



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