Tuesday, October 13, 17:30–19:30, Room “C”

Session AM: Poster presentations

V. Iancu, “Politehnica” University of Bucharest, Romania
F. Craciunoiu, IMT–Bucharest, Romania

AM. 1

THIN POLYIMIDE FILMS FOR DIELECTRIC INTERLAYER APPLICATION, M.-D. Damaceanu, R.-D. Rusu, M. Bruma, A. Muller*, “Petru Poni” Inst. of Macromolecular Chemistry, Iasi, *IMT-Bucharest, Romania.

AM. 2

STUDY OF POLYIMIDES CONTAINING FLEXIBLE GROUPS, I. Bacosca, E. Hamciuc, M. Bruma, I.A. Ronova*, L.N. Nikitin*, “Petru Poni” Inst. of Macromolecular Chemistry, Iasi, Romania, *Nesmeyanov Inst. of Organoelement Compounds, Moscow, Russia.

AM. 3

COMPARED PROPERTIES OF AZOPOLYI-MIDES, I. Sava, A. Burescu, M. Bruma, A.-M. Resmerita*, G. Lisa*, N. Hurduc*, “Petru Poni” Inst. of Macromolecular Chemistry, *“Gh. Asachi” Technical Univ. Iasi, Romania.

AM. 4

ABSORPTION AND PHOTOLUMINESCENCE OF Ga0.017 Ge0.25 As0.083 S0.65 GLASSES DOPED WITH Pr3+, Sm3+ AND Ho3+,M.S. Iovu, E.V. Lupan, V.I. Ciorne, Inst. of Applied Physics, Chisinau,  Moldova.

AM. 5

POLY(ETHER-IMIDE) THIN FILMS WITH/WITHOUT FLUORINE IN THE STRUCTURE, E. Hamciuc, C. Hamciuc, I. Bacosca, M. Cazacu, “Petru Poni” Inst. of Macromolecular Chemistry, Iasi, Romania.

AM. 6

DIELECTRIC RELAXATION IN As10 Se90 AMORPHOUS FILM NEAR THE GLASS TRANSITION TEMPERATURE, M.S. Iovu, I.A. Vasiliev, O.I. Shpotyuk*, Inst. of Applied Physics, Chisinau, Moldova, *Scientific Research Comp. “Carat”, Lviv, Ukraine.

AM. 7

TRAP SPACE CHARGE LIMITED CURRENT IN PULSED LASER DEPOSITED AlN:Cr FILMS, S. Simeonov1, I. Minkov1,3, A. Szekeres1, S. Grigorescu2, G. Socol2, C. Ristoscu2, I.N. Mihailescu2, 1Inst. of Solid State Physics, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2INFLPR, Bucharest, Romania, 3Technical Univ., Sofia, Bulgaria.

AM. 8

DEFECT PRODUCTION IN SILICON AND GERMANIUM BY LOW TEMPERATURE IRRADIATION, S. Lazanu, I. Lazanu*, A. Lepadatu, I. Stavarache, INCD-FM, Bucharest, *Univ. of Bucharest, Romania.

AM. 9

FIRST PRINCIPLES STUDY OF THE ELECTRONIC STRUCTURE OF Al/Ti:ZnO CRYSTAL, R. Plugaru1, N. Plugaru2,3, 1IMT-Bucharest, 2Univ. de Zaragoza, Spain, 3INCD-FM, Bucharest, Romania.

20:30   BANQUET – Sinaia Hotel, Restaurant Hall




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