George Deligeorgis, LAAS-CNRS, Toulouse, France

Dr. Deligeorgis received his Bachelor Degree in Physics from the University of Athens Greece and then moved to the University of Crete, Greece where he earned his PhD in 2008 working on GaAs based Semiconductor laser diodes for telecommunication applications.

Dr. Deligeorgis has worked on numerous projects in design and fabrication of compound semiconductor devices in the field of photonics and high frequency electronics (MMIC) for the last decade. Following his PhD, he stayed in FORTH (Foundation for Research and Technology), Greece as a Post-Doctoral Research Associate working on fabrication.

The past two years, graphene devices became his principal research interest.He has recently moved to LAAS-CNRS (Laboratory for analysis and architecture of Systems, National Center of Scientific Research), in France where he continues his activity in the same subject.