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Dr. Márta  Rencz received the electrical engineering degree and the Ph.D. degree from the Technical University of Budapest, Hungary. She is a professor and the Head of Department of Electron Devices at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. She is a Honorary Doctor of the University of Technology of Tallinn.
She was a co-founder and CEO of Micred Ltd that is now part of Mentor Graphics, where she still holds a director position. Her latest research interests include the electro-thermal investigation of ICs and MEMS, thermal and reliability testing, thermal model generation.
She is Organizing Committee and Program Committee member of several international conferences and workshops. She has published her theoretical and practical results in more than 300 technical papers.

Delia CHIRICESCU Executive Director, Microchip Technology Romania.
Presentation: “Low power, low cost, Integrated and Stand-alone solutions for the next generation of portable medical devices”.
Professional Experience: Graduated in 1988, Computer Science faculty from Polytechnic Institute Bucharest. National research Institute for Informatics, Bucharest  (1990-2000) – as senior researcher – gained experience in networking and Internet software development. Mobilrom (2000-2001) (former Orange) – as Business Support Analyst and Database Analyst Programmer. Computaris (2001-2003) – as IT Consultant, Value Added Services Development Consultant and Quality Assurance Team Leader involved in telecom software development. Motorola/Freescale Romania (January 2004–July 2009) – coordinated the activity of Network Communication Protocols Team. Microchip Technology Romania (July 2009–present) – as Application Manager and Executive Director.

Marius Neag received the Electronic Engineer Diploma (equivalent to MSc) from the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania, in 1991 and was awarded the PhD degree in Electronics by the University of Limerick, Ireland, in 1999. After working several years in Ireland, the UK and the US as a senior designer of RF, analog and mixed-signal ICs ranging from DVD drives to transceivers for serial comms and multi-standard receivers for mobile TV he returned to the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca. Since 2008 he has been an Associate Professor with the IC Design group, lecturing on the design of and applications with analog and RF ICs. His research interests are centred on digitally enhanced RF and analog ICs, with applications in wired and wireless communications, sensors and energy harvesting and conversion. He is the co-author of one patent, two academic textbooks and over 70 scientific publications in journals, conference proceedings and book chapters. Besides his academic activity he consults regularly for industry.

Afshin ZIAEI received the B.S. degree in Electronics Engineering from the University of Paris XI (Orsay) in 1997 and the M.S. degree in Electronics and Microwaves Engineering from the University of Paris VI (Jussieu) in 1998 and he received Ph.D. degree in microwave from the Department of Electronics Engineering at CNRS-IEMN (Institut d'Electronique et de Microélectronique et de Nanotechnologie) in 2001. He joined the research engineer at Thales Research & Technology, France, in 1999. His research interests include the development, design, fabrication, and characterization of RF MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) components such as mechanical switches, transmission lines, etc. He is involved or in charge of many French and European Projects. He is a IEEE member.
Ciprian Iliescu received his B.S. degree and Ph.D. degree from School of Mechanical Engineering, Polytechnic University of Bucharest, Bucharest, Romania, in 1989 and 1999, respectively. While pursuing his Ph.D. degree, he worked at Baneasa SA Company, where he was involved in the design and fabrication of pressure sensors. Between 2001 and 2003, he worked as Postdoctoral Fellow at NTU and was involved in projects related to microphone, wafer level packaging of MEMS devices, and RF microrelay. Currently, he is Senior Research Scientist with IBN, Singapore. His current research projects relate to microfluidics for drug screening, dielectrophoresis, electrical characterization of cells by impedance spectroscopy, and transdermal drug delivery using microneedles array. Dr. Iliescu is author and coauthor of over 200 papers published in journals and conferences proceedings. Dr. Iliescu is member in the Editorial board of “Journal of Fluids” and “Informacjie MIDEM”.

Dr. V. Ioannou-Sougleridis holds a researcher position at the Institute of Microelectronics of National Center of Scientific Research “Demokritos”. His main research interests are charge trapping memory devices for non-volatile memory applications and integration issues of high mobility substrates. His expertise includes processing and fabrication of dielectric gate stacks on semiconductor substrates, high-k oxide dielectrics, electrical and electronic properties of dielectric materials on semiconductor substrates, materials characterization and device electrical testing. He is the author or co-author of ~50 journal papers and has participated in more than 50 international conferences

Dr. Viorel DRAGOI is Chief Scientist for Wafer Bonding at EV Group. He graduated Faculty of Physics at University of Bucharest, Romania in 1995 and received his PhD from Institute of Atomic Physics Bucharest in 2000.
He worked in National Institute of Materials Physics Bucharest on various thin films deposition and characterization methods applied for sensors manufacturing. In 1998 he joined Max Planck Institute of Microstructure Physics Halle (Saale), Germany, and started working in the field of wafer bonding.

Since 2001 he joined EV Group and his current activities are focusing on wafer bonding process technology development. He published over 100 papers in journals and conference proceedings, and is author/co-author of 4 book chapters on wafer bonding applications.

Rolf Jonsson, received the M.Sc. and Ph. Lic. Degrees in Solid state physics from Linköping University, Sweden in 1997 and 2005 respectively. Since 1997 he has been employed as research engineer and scientist at the Swedish defence research agency (FOI), Dept. of microwave technology. He has been engaged in research on wide band-gap microwave amplifiers and high power microwave (HPM) protection. His current research concerns array antenna electronic warfare systems and components for mm‑wave imaging systems.

Dr Johan Liu graduated with a master and Ph D degree in materials science from the Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden. Before joining Chalmers University of Technology, he served in various positions at the Swedish Institute for Production Research (IVF) as project manager, group leader and division manager. He is currently a chair professor in electronics production, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden and a special recruited professor at Shanghai University, China. As a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences and a Fellow of IEEE, he has published 2 books, 400 papers in journals, proceedings and 14 book chapters with a Hirsch index of 22 and with an citation of over 1450 times. He has 30 patents accepted or filed and has given 40 key note/invited talks during the last 20 years. In addition, he has also received many awards including IEEE Exceptional Technical Achievement Award, IEEE CPMT Transaction Best paper Award in “Advanced Packaging”.

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