The 40th edition of the


an IEEE event (since 1995)

Sinaia, Romania (11-14 October 2017)

GaN for power devices: mormally-off technologies

Dr. Giorgia Longobardi, Cambridge University, UK

Gallium Nitride (GaN) based power devices have been demonstrated to deliver higher energy efficiency than their Silicon (Si) counterparts for 600V rated applications. The benefits of GaN technologies and their market potential will be highlighted in this paper together with the main challenges that GaN-based power systems need to overcome to reach their full potential and finally enter the market. These challenges include: (i) normally-off operation, (ii) high-voltage reliability, and (iii) unstable switching behaviour. A particular focus will be given to the solutions proposed in literature for obtaining the desired normally-off operation. Finally, measurement results on the reliability of the gate of a commercially available normally-off GaN transistor will be discussed.