The 40th edition of the


an IEEE event (since 1995)

Sinaia, Romania (11-14 October 2017)

Functional 2D and 3D architectures of nanomaterials: New avenues for applications

Ion Tiginyanu, Academy of Sciences and Technical University of Moldova, Republic of Moldova

We report on self-assembled or fabricated by design 2D and 3D architectures of nanomaterials consisting of metal and semiconductor nanoparticles, nanomembranes and nanotubes. The developed technologies are based on chemical/electrochemical approaches combined with possibilities of templated deposition of nanomaterials. In particular, we demonstrate a new type of light-driven micro-engines made from titania nanotubes with inner diameters that vary between 50-100 nm from one end of a tube to another. The micro-engines can carry cargo in a controlled fashion and possess capabilities for photocatalytical degradation of organic pollutants. Novel developments have been achieved on nanostructured gallium nitride. GaN nanoparticles were found to be promising for applications in bio-medicine, while perforated by design flexible nanomembranes – in photonics. Along with this, 3D architectures of GaN micro-nano-tubular networks are shown to possess excellent capabilities for applications in electromechanical structures, lab-on-a-chip microfluidics etc.