The 40th edition of the


an IEEE event (since 1995)

Sinaia, Romania (11-14 October 2017)

Florin Udrea,

Florin Udrea is a professor in semiconductor engineering and head of the High Voltage Microelectronics and Sensors Laboratory at University of Cambridge. He received the diploma of Engineering from Politehnica University of Bucharest, the MSc in smart sensors from the University of Warwick, UK, in 1992 and the PhD degree in power devices from the University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK, in 1995. Since October 1998, Prof. Florin Udrea  has been an academic with the Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge, UK.. He is currently leading a research group in power semiconductor devices and solid-state sensors that has won an international reputation during the last 20 years. Prof. Udrea has published over 450  papers in journals and international conferences. He holds more than 80 patents in power semiconductor devices and sensors. Prof. Florin Udrea co-founded five companies, Cambridge Semiconductor (Camsemi) in power ICs, Cambridge CMOS Sensors (CCS) in the field of  smart sensors and Cambridge Microelectronics in Power Devices, Cam GaN Devices and Flusso in flow sensors. Camsemi was acquired by Power Integrations, US and CCS was acquired by ams, the latter being considered one of the best exits from Cambridge University in physical sciences For his ‘outstanding personal contribution to Engineering’, Prof Florin Udrea was awarded the Silver Medal (2012) from Royal Academy of Engineering. He is a board director of Cambridge Enterprise and from 2015 a fellow of Royal Academy of Engineering.