Programme for Research-Development-Innovation on Space Technology and Advanced Research – STAR
(Romanian Space Agency)

Project description

Short description of the project

  • The aim of the proposal is to design and experiment  new type of photodetectors, with increased photoresponse over a wide wavelength range (UV-VIS-NIR-SWIR), based on thin film semiconducting materials/composites and to investigate the applicability of these device for space applications.
  • We will focus on solution processable materials that can be easily deposed using spin coating and can readily be integrated with many substrates including as a post-process on top CMOS silicon and flexible electronics.
  • The main challenges in developing commercial devices based on graphene are:
    • production of graphene-based layers in large scale
    • understanding of the photodetection mechanisms and the influence on the device lay-out and structure on the operation
    • improved and tunable absorption.
  • Our innovative solutions consist in:
    • using  solution processable graphene-based materials ( reduced graphene oxide in particular, functionalized to achieve the desired optical and electrical properties) to allow the obtaining a good quality and reproducible thin layers for photodetection, and
    • combining these materials with metallic nanoparticles or quantum dots to improve the light absorption and the response tunability.