A “system-in-a-microfluidic package” approach for focused diagnostic DNA microchips

(MicroChip pentru diagosticare bazat pe ADN integrat intr-un sistem microfluidic)

MNT-ERA project, MNT 7-015 /2008

Project Coordinator:  Universite catholique de Louvain




The main objectives of this project were:
- designing and technological fabrication of an sensor and an microfluidic device, but also, designing and fabrication  of an microarray system by modifying surfaces and immobilisation of some DNA probes on its;
- development of the sensors system based on complementary detection by combining differrent ideas: with/without fluorecence labbeling;
- microfluidic platform fabrication for real time monitoring;

The Romanian side had following objectives:

  • DNA primer design,
  • design microaray configuration for viral detection,
  • viral detection using microarray-type structures
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