MINAFAB Processing equipments

DRIE- Plasmalab System 100- ICP Deep Reactive Ion Etching System

Contact persons: Andrei Avram, PhD stud; Marioara Avram, PhD


  • Etching:
    • Bosch process for silicon
    • Cryogenic process for silicon
    • Bosch Process for SiC
  • Single wafer processing.
  • Can process 4” or smaller wafers, even small pieces.
  • Process gases: SF6, C4F8, O2, Ar.

General characteristics:

  • Single 4” wafer processing
  • 5.000 W maximum ICP power
  • 300 W maximum substrate electrode power
  • Temperature control for substrate electrode
  • 2 ultrafast MFC close coupled to the ICP source (for smooth sidewalls)

Process characteristics are:

  • Si etch rate: 7.5 μm/min
  • wafer non-uniformity: less than 3%
  • wafer to wafer non-uniformity: less than 3%
  • etching profile: 90o±1o vertical side-walls
  • selectivity: 50:1 for PR mask or 200:1 for SiO2 mask
  • aspect ratio: 20:1


  • High etch rate for etching deep trenches
  • High ething uniformity
  • High selectivity for photoresist and SiO2 masks
  • Cryogenic process for perfectly smooth sidewalls
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Last update: February 19, 2009