MINAFAB Processing equipments

Micro-PIV- PIV for Microfluidics (Particle Image Velocimetry)

Contact persons: Catalin Mihai Balan, PhD; Catalin Marculescu PhD


  • Mapping concentration or temperature distributions in micro-flows.
  • Measurements in microfluidic systems in chemistry, bio-chemistry, medical devices, DNA analysis, electronic cooling systems, micro-mechanical systems, micro total-analysis systems.
  • Imaging-based measurements in microfluidic systems.

General description:

  • Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) is a robust technique for measuring fluid velocity.
  • Workstation for microscopic imaging applications.
  • The method is an optical, non-intrusive technique measuring the movement of small tracer particles by means of a camera and pulsed laser light.
  • With this technique the flow velocity fields are mapped in 2D.

System architecture:

  • Microscope:
    - Hi-Performance Leica Inverted Microscope.
  • Acquisition and control units
    - 80N77 Timer Box
  • Camera
    - Hi-Sense 4M cooled camera
  • Illumination
    - Micro-Strobe. Green.
    - Dual-Power 65-15 Laser 2x65 mJ at 15 Hz, 532 nm
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Last update: February 27, 2011