MINAFAB Processing equipments

Wafer Bonder System- SB6L- Wafer - Substrate Bonder System

Contact persons: Andrei Avram, PhD stud; Catalin Mihai Balan, PhD;


  • Bonding processes:
    • Silicon to silicon
    • Silicon to glass
    • Pressure/heat assisted polymer bonding
    • Adhesive/pressure/heat assisted bonding

General Characteristics :

  • Lower hot bond chuck with temperature control from ambient to 500oC
  • Negative High Voltage DC power supply for Anodic bonding
  • Flexible process: can accommodate polymer and adhesive bonding of different substrates


  • temperature control ± 3oC
  • temperature uniformity ± 2%
  • up to 8kN applied force
  • process vacuum pressure down to 5*10-4 mbar


  • Strong durable bonds
  • Excellent for encapsulation
  • Excellent for enclosure of fluidic microchannels
  • User friendly recipe editor for non-standard processes



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Last update: February 27, 2011