SAW and FBAR type resonators dedicated to applications in communications for
2-6 GHz, based on micro&nanomachining of
wide band semiconductors (GaN and AlN)




Project objectives

  • Developing the technology of wide band gap semiconductors (AIN and GAN) for 5.5GHz SAW and FBAR resonators manufacturing.
    New micromachining techniques will be developed and self-sustainable thin (thickness < 0.5 µm)  AIN and GaN membranes will be manufactured for FBAR filters. Nanolithographic processes for  narrow IDT (width 150-300nm) lines will be obtained for SAW filters.
  • Contributions for  higher enderstanding of physics and technologies of new materials as AlN and GaN. The project includes AlN layers grows on h.r. silicon with high orientation characteristics as well as thin membrane  manufacturing. The projects propose 3 experimental models:
  • Two Experimental Models of SAW and FBAR resonators with working frequency 2-6 GHz, for applications in communication systems WLAN5.2GHz & DCS1.8GHz, 4th generation mobile phones.
  • Experimental Model of chemo-sensor based on Saw or FBAR with resonance frequency 2-6 GHz, and adsorbing coating of carbon nanotubes.