Miniaturized immunosensor arrays technology,
for herbicide detection
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General objectives:
The general objectives:

  • Realization immunosensor arrays integrated with optical and electrical detection in ng/L domain, herbicides from food and water, involving nanotechnology on silicon and molecular biology techniques available at consortium level;
  • Development methods of analysing with high accuracy, feasible, sensitive and fast detection of contamination in food and water;
  • Realization integrated imunosensors for fast detection of toxines that will generate ecological food in order to prevent desease and keeping people healthy;
  • Increase research-development competitive by getting new information on European level, in order to implement new technologies and products that will contribute to resolve of the complex problems from safty and alimentation securyty

Specific objectives:

  • Development technology of fabrication of immunosensors on semiconductor (silicon) substrate and piezoelectric (langasite) substrate;
  • Development new methodes for deposition biological material;
  • Fast methods to analyse and detect herbicides with growth sensitivity (until 3 orders magnitude bigger, comparative with ELISE technique) and growth specificity ( reacts only dedicated antigenes);
  • Realize an immunosensor array integrated can have multiple detection (different types of herbicides) and parallel (simultaneous) by electrical and optical measurements;
  • Development of two types of devices (on silicon substrate and piezoelectric substrate) and comparing the results regarding sensitivity and reproductbility with application in detecting herbicides in water and food


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