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IMT-Bucharest is the coordinator of three SSA (Specific Support Actions) devoted to ACC (associate and candidate countries).

 The first one ROMNET-ERA ROManian Inventory and NETworking for Integration in ERA ( The ROMNET- ERA proposal addresses three strategic objectives of the ACC SSA General call, with the main emphasis on networking the high quality centers of research. The activities concentrate on Romania, preparing its integration in ERA. Restructuring for integration in ERA will be the only realistic chance of the Romanian research to become competitive. The consortium putting forward this proposal has the competence and the authority to address the local scientific community and has the full support of national authorities. The important target groups at the national level are: high-quality research centers, and innovative SMEs. Identifying, screening and networking of research groups (from three separate research systems: national R&D institutes, university research centers, research units of the Romanian Academy) will be focused on some priorities of FP 6, catalyzing the participation to EU projects.

 The second one, "Micro and Nanotechnologies going EAST through NETworking" (MINAEAST-NET, This is a project financed by the European Commission (2004-2006) and it is focused on networking in Eastern Europe (new member states and candidate countries for EU). Information will be disseminated through the web page and Bulletin of Micro and Nanotechnologies ( ).

 The third one, " MIcro-NanOSystems EUROpean NETwork pursuing the integration of NMS and ACC in ERA " (MINOS-EURONET, This is a project financed by the European Commission (2005-2008). MINO-EURONET is devoted to stimulating, encouraging and facilitating the participation of New Member States (NMS) and the Associated Candidate Countries (ACC) in the activities of IST. The proposal has a pan-European focus on one strategic objective in IST, namely micro- and nanosystems. In strictly conformity with the call, the proposal is addressing the following objectives: (1) Revealing and promoting the research competences from NMS and ACC, namely competences which are relevant for the development of the field of micro-nanosystems at the European scale; (2) Facilitating the participation of NMS and ACC organisations to EU programmes and other activities in the field of micro-nanosystems; (3) Performing extensive networking at the pan-European scale in the field of micro-nanosystems.

 IMT-Bucharest is involved in 12 research project :

 AMICOM - Advanced MEMS for RF and Millimeter Wave Communications
Coordinator: LAAS-CNRS Toulouse
Prof. Robert Plana (
Project web site:
NoE FP 6 - priority 2, IST

 ASSEMIC - Advanced Handling and Assembly in Microtechnology
Coordinator: Institut fur Mikro-und Feinwerktechnik, Technische University Wien- IMFT - Prof. Dr. Werner Brenner (
Project web site:
A Marie Curie Research Training Network

4M - Multi-Material Micro Manufacture: Technologies and Applications
Coordinator: Cardiff University
Dr. Stefan Dimov (
Project web site:
NoE FP6 - priority 3, NMP

NANO2LIFE - A network for bringing NANOtechnologies TO LIFE
Coordinator: CEA France
Dr. Patrick Boisseau
Project web site:
NoE priority 3, NMP

NANOFUN-POLY - Nanostructured and Multi-Functional Polymer-Based Materials and Nanocomposites
Coordinator: Italian Consortium for Science and Technology of Materials (INSTM)
Prof. Jose M. Kenny (
Project web site:
NoE FP 6 - priority 3, NMP

PATENT DfMM - Design for Micro & Nano Manufacture (Packaging, Test and Reliability Engineering in Micro & Nanosystem Technologies)
Coordinator - University of Lancaster, UK;
Dr. A Richardson (
Project web site:
NoE FP 6 - priority 2, IST

WAPITI - Waferbonding and Active Passive Integration Technology and Implementation
STREP, Priority 2 -IST, Contract no: 004073 507352 (2004-2007); Coordinator - Fraunhofer Institute for Telecommunications, Heinrich Hertz-Institut, Berlin, Germany; Dr. Helmut Heidrich
; Contact person for IMT: PhD. Dana Cristea
Project web:

MI-lab on chip - Lab-On-A-Chip Implementation of Production Processes for New Molecular Imaging Agents (MI-lab-on-chip),
STREP-FP6, Priority 3 (NMP - 2005-2007); Contract no.: 516984 (2005-2007), Coordinator : TRASIS SA, Liege, Belgium – Jean-Luc Morelle;
Contact person for IMT: PhD. Student Oana Nedelcu (

NEXUSPLUS- NEXUS- Supporting IP's and NOE's ensuring SME representation and introducing NAS partners
SSA, Priority 2 -IST, Contract number: 507293
(2004-2007), IMT position: subcontractor , Contact person for IMT: PhD. Carmen Moldovan (
Project web:

BRIDGE - Europractice - coordination of proactive NAS interaction and an awareness dissemination and exploitation bridge
CA, Priority 2- IST, Contract number: 507307, (2004-2005), Coordinator: Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, Oxfordshire, UK, IMT position:subcontractor
Contact person for IMT: PhD. Carmen Moldovan (

INTEGRAMplus- Multi-domain platforms for integrated micro-nano technology systems
Service Action, IP, Priority 2 -IST, Contract no.: 027540 (2006-2008), Coordinator: QinetiQ Ltd, UK. IMT position: partner;
Contact person for IMT: PhD. Carmen Moldovan (

ToxiChip- Development of a toxin screening multi-parameter on-line biochip system
STREP FP 6, Priority 2 -IST, Contract Number: 027900 (2006-2009), Coordinator - Tyndall National Institute
Dr. Terri Wood;
Contact person for IMT: PhD. Carmen Moldovan


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