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The framing of the project into priorities research domains of the National Strategy.
The framing of the project into the objectives of programme 7, Innovative materials, processes and products, and the specific objectives of the direction/ purpose of research 7.1 Advanced materials Modular structure, multiple utilisation ranges and working capabilities both as last generation high performance equipment devoted to the specific investigations and for usual high volume measurements permit to sent to the secondary direction 1.7 Nanoelectronics, photonics and micro-nanosystems.

The present infrastructure enter into strategic developing direction of IMT Bucharest, to consolidate infrastructure research in order to support domestic and international partenership and increasing the IMT offer of the high performance and quality scientific, technological and characterization services at the european level.

Many measuring technics are used:
1. X ray diffraction at large angles (WAXRD) with and without focalisation; with and without monocromatization, with and/or without analizor crystal;
2. X ray diffraction at low angles (SAXS); 3. X ray reflectivity XRR; 4. microdiffraction ( very small quantities of investigated material, X ray spot size 20-50 microns). With the system could be non destructive investigated and charcterised ( morphology, dimension of crystals, electronic density and distribution, density and type of defects) advanced materials, solide or liquids, crystaline or amorphous, multilayer structures, thin layers, nanomaterials.


Activity I.1. Establish the technical characteristics, analysis methods, supplementary
accessories/modules and experimental configurations needed to configure a X-ray
diffractometer for elaborate laboratory studies of advanced materials
Activity I.2. Offer market study of producing companies, delivering conditions, installation,usage, extension/upgrade capabilities and possibilities for high resolution diffractometers
Activity I.3. Material accumulation about authorized service offer, the possibility to negotiate a dedicated custom made configuration, optional modules/accessories, offered training system, delivery conditions, offered support activities, waranty
Activity I.4. Dissemination
Stage II Prepare the acquisition and auction documentation (task book), auction organization and acquisition of the high resolution modular diffractometer, supplementary modules and necessary consumables for the warranty period
Activity II.1. Set up of the task book for the acquisition of the equipment
Activity II.2. Institutional construction and development and technological excellency, computer acquisition, external equipments
Activity II.3. Placement study and construction of the location where the equipment will
Activity II.4. Application for offers for acquisitioning the high resolution modular X-ray
Activity II.5. Auction organization in order to select the supplier and the importer of the
equipment according to HG 925/2006
Activity II.6. Document evaluation and establish the winning offer and the configuration of the equipment, according to the task book

Stage III Establish a new laboratory for morphostructural characterization of advanced materials by using X-ray diffraction/scattering methods

Activity III.1. Equipment and set up of supplementary modules, Performance evaluation: testing, verification, try-outs, analysis, homologations
Activity III.2. Personnel training