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The main objective of the proposed project is the set-up of a new high resolution X ray diffraction nondestructive characterization laboratory of the advanced materials, at IMT Bucharest, by buying a high performance last generation diffractometer (2005-2007). The new functional infrastructure installed at IMT site is related to the set-up of a laboratory with national and regional significance, the tools being at European level in field of the advanced structural characterization of materials with different applications in multidisciplinary or border sciences. The laboratory contain specific expertise and technical facilities of X ray nondestructive characterization and is† equipped at an European level. In this way the research infrastructure of IMT is renewed and will support Romanian participation in international R&D projects; bilateral cooperation and European projects opportunities couldnít be lost because such characterization apparatus is missing.

The new lab delivers complete and complementary characterization services of the innovativematerials/ processes/ products to the other labs of IMT or outside European parteners. The expertise accumulated during 1997-2006 in the field of the structural non destructive X ray diffraction characterization of the advanced materials by will be valorized (authorization, bring into service, utilization, working procedures, quality systems, etc)

By this project we succeeded to:

1. To endow IMT with a last generation multi-purpose X ray diffractometer for high resolution non destructive characterization of the advanced materials
2. To develop a new laboratory to use the X ray equipment
3. To extend and supplement the modern characterization capacities in use at IMT Bucharest† (SEM, PL, RAMAN, FTIR) by completion of the basic diffractometer with the all optional modules needed to operate as for high resolution tool. In this way will be realized a custom-made equipment both for advanced specific research and for possibility to offer characterization services in high volumes for domestic customers like industries, civil society, SEMís. (quality control for various products, environment quality control) or training activities) .
4. Set-up of the database related to:
-a) Crystalline structure of the advanced materials and alloys ( interesting IMT researchers
and their partners),
-b) The modern methods for characterization and non destructive control used,
-c) Training types and/or scholarship on-offer
5. Set-up of the web pages (English and Romanian) dedicated to the tools presentation (parameters and methodology) access and cost conditions, personnel presentation, project and research program under developing.
The lab and equipment will be integrated in the IMT technological and characterization platform.