LAMSYS Laboratory for Modeling and Simulation Of Microsystems

General Objective

The main objective of this project is the development of the research infrastructure in the field of modeling, simulation and computer aided design for micro- and nano-systems, improvement of the research capabilities and offering scientific capability services in a dedicated laboratory, by modernization of actual Modelling, Simulation and Computer Aided Design Laboratory, in the frame of Department for Multidisciplinary Research, IMT-Bucharest.

Specific Objective

    1. restoration of the laboratory site;
    2. purchasing and installing hardware equipment as function of modelling and simulation software tools requirements in terms of administration and use;
    3. purchasing and installing software tools that will complete the current available infrastructure with complementary programs. These new software tools will assure a full cycle for modeling, design and simulation in a large area of physical domains (electrostatics, mechanics, optics, magnetic, microfluidics, etc) as well in chemistry, semiconductor technology, in a multidisciplinary approach;
    4. results dissemination by specific means (particularly by periodically updated web page)