LAMSYS Laboratory for Modeling and Simulation Of Microsystems


  • Development of a laboratory that assures a strong research infrastructures, in the field of modeling and simulation of microsystems by adding software and hardware tools;
  • Improvement the capability to offer computer aided design services and virtual optimization by means of modeling and simulation covering a large area of physical phenomena;
  • Facilitating the access to the infrastructure by developing a training room dedicated to hands-on courses and training by research, particularly for undergraduate and PhD students, for improving their expertise in the field of micro- and nano-systems;
  • Facilities for presentations and dissemination of scientific results and service offer in the field of microsystems;

Examples of reports and scientific results that use LAMSYS equipments (microsystem design, modelling and simulation):


  • FP6 STREP Project “Lab-on-a-chip implementation of production processes for new molecular imaging agents” (MI Lab-on-chip, 2005-2008);
  • FP 6 Project Design for Micro & Nano Manufacture Network of Excellence (PATENT-DfMM) – NoE, WP2 Modelling and Simulation Workpackage (2004-2009);
  • National Project CEEX „Sensors and actuators microstructures for microrobotic positioning, mechanical and biological manipulation” – MEMSAS;
  • FP7 Flexible Patterning of Complex Micro Structures using Adaptive Embossing Technology - FlexPAET;
  • National project Computer aided design of microfluidic components”;
  • National project „Lab-on-chip microfluidic platforms integrated with optic and electronic elements”;
  • FP6-IST-IP INTEGRAMplus: Integrated MNT platforms and services – Service Action;
  • FP6-IST-STREP TOXICHIP: Development of a toxin screening multi-parameter on-line biochip system;


  • B. Firtat, R. Iosub, D. Necula, F. Babarada, E. Franti, C. Moldovan, “Simulation, Design and Microfabrication of Multichannel Microprobe for Bioelectrical Signals Recording”, IEEE International Semiconductor Conference (31st edition, CAS Proceedings), Vol. 1, 13-15 October, 2008, Sinaia, Romania, pp. 177–180
  • R. Voicu, R. Muller, L.Eftime, “Design Optimisation for an Electro-Thermally Actuated Polymeric Microgripper”, DTIP of MEMS & MOEMS, April 2008, Nice, France, pp. 182–186.
  • “Design and Optimization of an Electrostatic Actuated Micromirror with Isolated Bottom Electrode on Silicon Substrate”, F. Comanescu, C. Tibeica, M. Purica, IEEE International Semiconductor Conference (31st edition, CAS Proceedings), Vol. 1, 13-15 October, 2008, Sinaia, Romania, pp.133–136.
  • R. Voicu, C. Tibeica, R. Muller, “Design and Optimization Study for a New Su-8 Electro-Termally Actuated Microgripper”, Proceedings of ‘THE’ Coatings-2008 and ICMEN-International Conference on Manufacturing Engineering, October 1-3, 2008, Kassandra-Chalkidiki, Greece.
  • C. Ravariu, A. Rusu, A. Bondarciuc, F. Ravariu, T. Niculiu, F. Babarada, V. Bondarciuc, "Modelling and Simulation of a Nanostructure for a Single Electron Technology Implementation", The 5th International Mediterranean Modelling Multiconference, 16-19 September 2008, Briatico, Italy, pp. 312-315.
  • Oana Tatiana Nedelcu, Raluca Muller, Hans G. Kerkhoff, Robert W. Barber“Design and simulation of electroosmotic driven flow in cross channels” trimisa spre publicare, Revista Buletin Stiintific, Seria C - Inginerie Electrica si Stiinta Calculatoarelor, 2009
  • Irina Codreanu, Adam Martowicz, Alberto Gallina, Łukasz Pieczonka, Tadeusz Uhl, “Study of the Effect of Process Induced Uncertainties on the Performance of a Micro-Comb Resonator”, the 4th International Conference, Mechatronic Systems and Materials (MSM 2008), 14 - 17 July 2008, Białystok, Poland; SOLID STATE PHENOMENA, Vol 147-149 (2009), pp 716-725
 PhD Research:
  • Dr. Mihai Kusko „Photonic devices with applications in optical communications, PhD Thesis, January 2009
  • Drd. Oana Nedelcu, „ Solid-state integrable microfluidic components: simulation, design, modelling and characterization”
  • PhD Student Irina Codreanu Stanciu, “Uncertainty analysis of microfluidic components parameters as result of the microfabrication dispersion”
 Courses, presenations
  • Training course “Microsensors”, General presentation and applications, IMT-Bucharest, October 2008
  • Training course “Microsensors”, Hands-on course in computer-aided-design, modelling and simulation, IMT-Bucharest, November 2008
  • INTEGRAMplus hands-on course, National Institute for R&D in Microtechnologies (IMT-Bucharest), , Romania, 5th December, 2007, in the frame of IntegramPlus and μBuilder joint training Event
  • LAMSYS Laboratory presentation, IMT-Bucharest, December 2008