Programme for Research-Development-Innovation on Space Technology and Advanced Research – STAR


The concept of this project is to fabricate millimetre and submillimetre wave GaAs Schottky diodes detectors and mixers using advanced micro and nano-technologies.

  • The project intends to develop Schottky diodes with a cut-off frequency higher than 3 THz. These devices will be able to be used in satellite to satellite communications systems (allocated frequencies around 100 GHz) and also at frequencies up to 2.5 THz, frequencies used in radio-astronomy.
  • A direct, video-type receiver module (detector) working at a frequency of about 100 GHz will be manufactured and characterized.  The Schottky diode will be integrated monolithically with an antenna designed for this frequency and both will have as support the same thin GaAs membrane
  • A  harmonic mixer circuit monolithically integrated with the Schottky  diode