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Project description

The aim of this project is to make some biochips using Microarray Technology (TMA) for allergies diagnosing and in the same time, to fabricate of a Platform for electro/optical characterization of the Biohibridic Interfaces (PIB). The research area is a cutting edge one, and is absolutely new in Romania.

This project is a combination between the fundamental and applicative research, at theoretical and biomedical applications level.
The result of research work involved in this project will consist in: 1. a biochip for quick diagnosis of the allergies by specific immunoglobulins (Ig E) immobilisation on technological micro fabricated surfaces; and 2) a PIB platform for the electrochemical reactions investigation to the interface between the substrate and biological material.

The advantages of this chip are: the increase of the analyzed data number in real time; a good specificity and sensibility of the results and the absence of the false positive and false negative reactions; allergies quick diagnosis. The allergens immobilisation by covalent bonding on a biochip surface is faster and more stable and it needs a smaller incubation time. 

The bio-chips will be designed and made in such way to allow the simultaneous analysis of a great number of allergen proteins on a small surface, giving the possibility to identify IgEs specifics by a unique determination using small serum volumes (nano-grams).

The development and fabrication of the bio-chip, and also, of a new method for quick and precisely diagnosing of the allergens, will have an important contribution in the field of bio-nano-systems and proteomics.

These systems will be used in some clinics, in order to eliminate the actual analysis because are complex, expances and consists on prick cutinised testing and the dosage of seric IgE specific to every allergen using methods  like ELISA, RAST, EIA.