Versiunea romana


TMA is a cutting edge one and is absolutely new in Romania. The establishment of a new MA fabrication technology and of the biological material immobilization on a surface it represents the perspective to obtain instruments for quick diagnosis and also, the possibility of testing new drugs without patients involving.

The possibilities of an early diagnosis are generated by the extreme sensibility of this technique in which the concentrations of the substance under discussion can be detected even if they represent nanograms.

For diagnosis, the applicability is very wide, practically covering the medical areas, such as early diagnosis of cancer, chronic diseases and congenital malformations.

Potenstial users

The subject approached offers opportunities for instruction and improvement which is of great interest, both at national and international level with results in academic research, medicine and pharmaceutical industry.

The technology suggested for realization has a great impact from economic point of view by reducing costs of latest generation laboratory analysis through reducing the quantities of chemicals necessary for an analysis, through the possibility of diagnosing the disease in an early stage and thus increasing the hope of healing and reducing the costs of treatment.

From the social point of view it is very important obtaining microarrays of because of the impact of its application in the analysis laboratories. Apart from the reduced costs of analysis, we can mention other advantage results, the time a patient has to wait in order to get the results, the minimum quantity of samples necessary for a series of analysis, the diminishing of the stress when taking the biological samples.