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Microfluidic biochip for rheological characterisation of non-newtonian biological
fluids with applications in medical diagnosis and treatment


The general objective of the project is to increase the RD competitivity by stimulating partnerships in priority domains, concretized in the realization of a smart microfluidic system in order to create some complex, efficient and accurate instruments needed for medical diagnosis and for the development of new therapies for thrombosis and malignant diseases, pathologies in which modifications of the biological fluids flow appear.

The specific objectives which will lead to the success of the general objective, are in accordance to the activity plan of the project:

O.1. The elaboration of fluid flow control methods, with practical applications in monitoring, dosing and directing the biological fluids to the detection electronics;
O.2. The modeling of the molecular transport in non-Newtonian biological fluids and the physico-chemical modeling of the biological material / substrate interface used for the realization of microfluidic devices;
O.3. Studies and preliminary experiments on biomolecules integration in microfluidic systems and functional characterization of the biomolecules –hybrid substrate;
O.4. The simulation and design of the micro-nanotechnologies needed to realize the smart microfluidic system;
O.5. The simulation, design and realization of the demonstrating biochip, which integrates the microfluidic system and the magnetophoresis and dielectrophoresis devices;
O.6. The interpretation and validation of the results by correlation with actual clinical analysis;
O.7. Results dissemination;
O.8. Patenting original results;
O.9. Training and developing of the human resource involved in the realization of the project.

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