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Microfluidic biochip for rheological characterisation of non-newtonian biological
fluids with applications in medical diagnosis and treatment

The scope of the project

The scope of the project is to bring contributions to the development of a top domain like micro-nanotechnologies but also to extend the knowledge database and to increase the research capacity with favorable implications for Romanian research on national and international competitivity, in the integration of microfluidics with biomedicine domain. The results obtained in this project have immediate applicability in the medical field for solving the mechanisms of degenerative diseases and abnormal bimolecular circulation. The proposed research is a frontier applicative research and is dedicated to investigate the most advanced aspects of the interactions between supramolecular systems, to reveal new interactions and to solve the mechanisms responsible for the behaviour of biochemical systems (on a molecular level). With the help of the obtained biochip we want to help medics with early prediagnosis of the hypercoagulation status and of malignant pathologies: malignant and benign cutaneous tumors. By comparison with a health database and disease profiles, correct diagnosis and treatment schemes can be made. The project also aims to increase the attractively and competitivity of the partners, such that they will be able to benefit from European collaboration in the nanomedicine platform of FP7, where a project proposal was sent in January 2008.

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