Project aim and objectives

The MEMS-4-MMIC project aims at the integration of RF-MEMS switches onto Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuits (MMIC) creating highly integrated multifunctional building blocks for high-value applications. The project aims to provide the enabling technology platform needed for the future stablishment of an RF-MEMS MMIC manufacturing base within Europe.
As a proof-of-concept an RF-MEMS MMIC based antenna module will be  realised at the end of project showing the innovative character and possibilities for commercial exploitation.

The final objective of the co-financing project MEMS4MMIC is represented in optimized antennas array modules in LTCC technology  for 77 GHz.

Specific objectives of the Romanian partner in the co-financing project MEMS4MMIC

I period (2009)
Definition of system architectures
77Ghz RF MEMS  antenna design
MEMS-4-MMIC website

II period (2010)
Antena array subsystem design for 77 GHz bandwidth ; architectures analyse for RF MEMS antenna array in LTCC technologie
RF MEMS circuit components for 77 GHz characterization
Dissemination acctivities

III period (2011)
Optimised Front-end module with 77GHz antennas array in LTCC technology
Dissemination acctivities

IV period (2012)
Optimised modules with antenna array in LTCC technologie

Dissemination acctivities