Metamaterials are propagation media with special properties and application domains in the field of micro (2 GHz 30 GHz), millimetric (30 GHz 300 GHz) and submillimetric (> 300 GHz) wavelengths.






Book Chapter - International Publisher:

  • Stefan Simion, Romolo Marcelli, Giancarlo Bartolucci, Florea Craciunoiu, Andrea Lucibello, Giorgio De Angelis, Andrei A. Muller, Alina Cristina Bunea, Gheorghe Ioan Sajin
    “Composite Right / Left Handed (CRLH) based devices for microwave applications” in "Microwave and Millimeter Wave Technologies", Ed. IN-TECH, Austria, ISBN 978-953-7619-X-X; publishing date: October 2009

Book Chapters - Local Publishers:

  • S. Simion, G. Bartolucci, R. Marcelli, G. Sajin, F. Craciunoiu: On-wafer method for experimental characterization of MEMS matrix, using a two-port Vector Network Analyzer, in Vol.15 – New developments in Micro electro Mecanical Systems for Radio Frequency and Millimeter wave Applications in seria Micro and Nanotechnologies, Ed. Academiei Romane, 2009, pp. 363 – 369; ISBN 978-973-27-1813-1.
  • M. Zamfirescu, R. Dabu, M. Dumitru, G. Sajin, F. Craciunoiu, A. Dinescu: Composite Right/Left-Handed Structures Fabricated on Gold Thin Films by Using Ultra-Short Laser Pulses, in Micro and Nanotechnologies, Vol.11 – Progress in Nanosciences and Nanostructures, Ed. Academiei Romane, 2007, pp. 258 – 266, ISBN 978-973-27-1576-5.

Invention patents proposals :

  • Method of controlled working frequency of microwave devices with CRLH (Composite Right / Left Handed) cells by magnetic biasing Patent proposal, registered at OSIM under no. A/00281/01.04.2009.
  • Frequency tunable CRLH antenna structure by varying a magnetic biasing field Patent proposal, registered at OSIM under no. A/00282/01.04.2009.
  • Method of controlled scanning of radiation characteristic of the microwave antenna with CRLH (Composite Right / Left Handed) cells by magnetic biasing. Patent proposal, registered at OSIM under no. A/00501/30.06.2009.