Metamaterials are propagation media with special properties and application domains in the field of micro (2 GHz - 30 GHz), millimetric (30 GHz - 300 GHz) and submillimetric (> 300 GHz) wavelengths.







National Institute for Laser, Plasma and Radiation Physics – INFLPR Bucharest
  • Phd. Eng. Dabu Razvan, project leader INFLPR (CV)
  • Phd. Fenic Constantin, researcher (CV)
  • Phd. Ing. Popa Alexandru, researcher
  • Phd. Stratan Aurel, researcher (CV)
  • Eng. Blanaru Constantin, researcher
  • Phd. Zamfirescu Marian, researcher (CV)
  • Phd. Ursescu Daniel, researcher
  • Phys. Rusen Laurentiu-Nicolae, researcher
  • Phys. Anghel Iulia, researcher

Politehnica University of Bucharest

  • Prof. Phd. Eng. Lojewski George, project leader PUB (CV)
  • Prof. Phd. Eng. Petrescu Teodor, specialist (CV)
  • Prof. Phd. Eng. Constantin Ioan, specialist (CV)
  • Lecturer Eng. Militaru Nicolae, specialist (CV)
  • Assist. Eng. Brinaru Diana, specialist (CV)
  • Assist. Eng. Buleandra Alina, specialist (CV)
  • Assist. Eng. Petrescu Tudor, researcher (CV)
  • Eng. Leulescu Ovidiu, researcher (CV)
National Institute for R&D in Electrical Engineering (ICPE CA)
  • Phd. Phys. Moisin Ana Maria, project leader INCDIE ICPECA (CV)
  • Phys. Chem. Dumitru Alina-Iulia, researcher (CV)
  • Assist. researcher Hodorogea Maria Silvia, As. researcher
  • Assist. researcher Patroi Delia, As. researcher
  • Assist. engineer Zamfir Stefania, database administrator
  • Bardas Daniela, lead tehnician
  • Maria Maria, ceramist