This project propose the creation of an accredited laboratory for advanced charecterisation of microwaves and milimeterwaves components and circuits.

  1. definition of the laboratory and the equipment of charcaterisation for circuits and components in the 0.8 – 65 GHz range pursuant to the european standards
  2. aqusition of the equipments destinated for characterisation and testing of thwe circuits in the frequency domain 0.8 – 65 GHz, an VNA (Vector Network Analyser) and a SUSS PM5 MANUAL ANALYTICAL PROBE STATION/BASE MACHINE WITH MANUAL DRIVE FOR PROBEHEAD SEMI –RINGS with the measurement accesesories and the facilities for the data proccesing
  3. design, realisation and testing of the measurement assembling nedeed for the characterisation of microwaves circuits and devices
  4. elaboration of the new methods and techniques of characterisation of the devices in the frequency domain 0,8 – 65 GHz
  5. elaboration of a software package for data processing of the obtained results
  6. elaboraration of the acreditation documentation of the laboratory acording with the european direction and national legislation
The measurements will be accomplished by standardisation methods using specialised aparatus with probes processing taking into account the standard european directin and master standard data.