The project propose the creation of a new advanced characterisation of the circuits and components working in the frequency domain 0.8-65 GHz in coaxial configuration and on wafer which permit the characterisation extension domain for modern applications. The subject of the project is a novelty in the national field being the first laboratory for the characterisation of devices in milimeterwaves domain that will be functional in our country.
A computer will assist the all measurement process and the results will be stocated on database that could be accesate online by the interested institutions. The measurement system will be compose by a Vector Network Analyser (VNA) for the reflexion and transmission measurements of the microwaves and milimeterwaves signal in the frequency domain (0,8 – 65 GHz) and the accessories (cables, antenae, calibration systems), vibration isolating table. These prober for on wafer measurements are conected with the VNA by the semi-rigid cables which is able to measure the S parameters specially transmission and reflexion in 0,8 – 65 GHz frequency domain.


1. ANRITSU - VNA (Vector Network Analyser) 37397D in the frequency domain 40MHz-65GHz:
2. Measurement equipment Karl Suus PM5 Manual analytical probe station presented in the folowing photo:
3. The assembly VNA + Measurement equipment Karl Suus PM5 Manual analytical probe station presented in the following photo
4. On-wafer characyerization.

Some devices and circuits already characterized in the laboratory are presented below:

FBAR 1.5 GHz
reconfigurable filter for
WLAN 5200
reconfigurable filter
60 GHz
The first measurement using the aquest aparatus for the MICROLAB Laboratory will be accomplish around the date 16 of April 2007.