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3D Printer based on Single Photon Photopolymerization MiniMultiLens system from EnvisionTEC


  • Voxel size (Enhanced Resolution Mode): XY – 16 microni
  • Dynamic Voxel Thickness Z: from 15 microns to 50 microns
  • Build speed: is constant through the build up to 10 mm per hour at 50 μm Z-Voxel thicknes
  • Build volume size (X x Y x Z): 44 x 33 x 230 mm at 16 micron voxel size; 84 x 63 x 230 mm at 30 micron voxel size (voxel size in Enhanced Resolution Mode)
  • Models are suitable for direct manufacturing through Rapid Casting.
  • A choice of materials from concept models to functional parts.

Materials and applications:

  • R11 is ideal for creating master patterns in Rubber Molding applications and are suitable for Electrical Housings, Medical Products, Snap-Fit Parts, Jewelry Products, Consumer Products and Automobile applications.
  • e-shell 200 and e-shell 300 has been developed especially for parts of Hearing Aid Industries. It is just suitable for thinwalled Hearing Aid shells and otoplastic products. Can also be used in non medical applications, such as tough function prototypes, appearance models with minimal finishing, durable concept models with high cross linkage, high humidity environment applications, RTV patterns, water resistant applications, et al.
  • PIC 100 is for producing high quality parts in the Jewelry market for production capacity direct investment castin, optimally suitable for producing precious metal castings.
  • RC25 NanoCure is a nanoparticle filled material that is used to build hard-wearing, stiff and high temperature resistant parts. It is ideal for applications requiring superior stiffness and high heat deflection temperature, such as automotive components, pump housings and impellers, wind tunnel test parts, light reflectors, injections molds, hard chrome plating, et al.
  • SI500 is an extremely durable photopolymer that produces very accurate parts with high feature detail. It has high impact resistance similar to thermoplastics. Tough, complex parts can be built with a superb surface finish compared with competing technologies. The high-temperature, ABS-like photopolymer is used in the digital mask production solid imaging process to build three-dimensional parts. It is ideal for the medical, electronic, aerospace, and automotive markets that demand accurate RTV patterns, durable concept models, highly accurate parts, humidity, and temperature tolerant parts. Applications include: Functional end-use performance prototypes; Snap fit designs; Impellers; Duct work; Connector and electronic covers; Automotive housings and dashboard assemblies; Packaging applications; Consumer sporting goods.
  • WIC100G is a photo cured hybrid resin system that produces the highest quality part details without sacrificing strength, ease of handling, and finishing. Highest quality detailed parts, excellent burn out properties, and high speed building allows the WIC100G to be optimal for use in Jewelry market for production of master patterns for direct investment casting.