Financing resources that allowed the creation of the laboratory

General Overview
The experimental laboratory "Integrated laboratory of advanced technologies for micro and nanosystems" aims at putting together different techniques from the field of rapid prototyping so as to allow covering the dimension scale from tens of nanometers up to macro, centimeter sized, structures. Harmonizing these techniques in a synergic way is the main aim of the laboratory.

The mission of the laboratory is:

  1. research in the field of rapid prototyping for micro- and nanostructures: improving or conceiving new technologies for rapid prototyping at these scales, developing new materials made by using such technologies
  2. rapid prototyping services from nanoscale (dip pen nanolithography) to several tens of microns and to sub-milimeter and normal scale (3D Printing)
  3. education in the field: short courses, hands-on training, seminar

The laboratory posseses four major equipments:

  1. Dip pen nanolithography [...]
  2. 3D Printing by Selective Laser Sintering [...]
  3. 3D Printing by single photon photopolymerization [...]
  4. Laser microengraving [...]

All the equipments except the 3D Printer by Selective Laser Sintering operate in a class 1.000 cleanroom environment. The 3D Printer based on Selective Laser Sintering operates in a dedicated space allowed for work with polymer powders.

The destination of these equipments is not for mass production, but for small-scale production and for unique samples. They are very useful for making proof-of-concept of the ideas developed by the researchers - from IMT-Bucharest or from other research units or companies – regarding the different types of micro and nanosystems. Also, they are very useful for evaluating the feasibility of their ideas.