Development of a micro-sensors class for pressure/temperature, based on piezoelectric substrate or new materials (for ex.: langasit);


Development of micro-sensors for hydrocarbs and of H2S on SiC substrate;


Development of micro-sensor for detection of radioactive contamination on silicon substrate or similar structures, based on optical fibres;


Development of new techniques for signal transmission on the surface an 3-10 km distances, based on opto-electric technologies;


Development of materials resistant at vibrations, temperature, corrosive environments, mechanical stress, for encapsulation of the micro-sensors system;


Technological transfer;


Creating a technological network – at the beginning of the project- with the purpose of integrating the partners’ efforts for obtaining the micro-system (the partners are complementary and need cooperation to finalise the research);


Creating a network for information exchange – due to the implication in the project of industrial partners form the oil extraction industry- unfamiliar domain to the specialists in micro-electronics and new materials;


Realisation of a PPP proposal that would allow the technological transfer of the obtained results;


Affiliation to an European technological platform MANUFUTURE and the possibility of affiliation to the Safety for Sustainable European Industry Growth platform;


Porposing in 2007 a project on a similar theme in FP7.