Project objectives

The main target of this project consists in the development of new technologies, based on micromachining and nanoprocessing of GaN/Si, in order to manufacture innovative devices, having performances representing state of the art: (i) GaN membrane supported UV photodetectors, with IDT(interdigitated transducers) having fingers and interdigits about 100 nm wide, devoted to applications where backside illumination is necessary, (ii) GaN based SAW structures working in a frequency range reaching the X band, usingĀ  IDTs with digits and interdigits 100-150 nm wide (iii) the integration of a nano-processed SAW structure with a membrane supported UV photodetector in a novel SAW assisted photodetector structure.

The first objective of the project is to manufacture and characterize original UV MSM photodetectors structures manufactured on very thin GaN membranes.

The second objective of this project is to manufacture SAW structures on GaN/Si working in the X-band (8-12 GHz)

The third objective of the project consists in the developing a novel SAW assisted UV photodetctor