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plating facility


Gold Plating facility

Technical characteristics:

The WAFER PLATING SYSTEM (Semcon 1000) - specially designed for IMT Bucharest by SFT (Surface Finishing Technologies, Inc.) is a gold electroplating wet bench facility. Cyanuric bath in conjunction with titanum/platinum non-soluble anode is used. 

  • Substrates: gold-plated silicon, glass, quartz, fused silica, alumina, cured polymers (siliconic, epoxy, polyimidic, photoresists);
  • Wafer holders: - 4" standard wafer holder and non-standard 4-point holder;
  • High performance pulse reversible  power supply;
  • Hihg accuracy control of deposition rate, roughness and density of deposited layers;
  • Thickness range of deposited layers: nanometers up  to 15µm


  • MEMS configuration;
  • High conductivity  interconnection paths;
  • High reliability non-corrosive layers.