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wafer c


“on wafer" measurement set-up

The upgrade to 110 GHz of the 65 GHz of the set-up consists in 2 steps
the upgrade of the VNA;
the upgrade of the “on wafer" measurement set-up;

The existing 65 GHz  VNA was delivered by Anritsu and the existing on wafer set-up was delivered by Suss Microtec (see the figures).

The existing VNA up to 65 GHz Anritsu
Model 37397D

The on wafer set-up PM5 from Suss

Dr Alexandru Muller performing measurements with the the 0.8-65 GHz
existing on wafer characterization

For this reason the upgrades could be performed only from unique supplier (Anritsu for the VNA and Suss Microtech for the on wafer set-up. The acquisition procedure was “negotiation without previous announce publication” and the acquisition criteria was “lowest price” (Romanian public acquisition law).

The acquisition procedure was started in November with the 2 suppliers. After the negotiations, contracts for the acquisition of the upgrade of the VNA was signed at the end of December 2008 with Anritsu’s representative in Romania (Romkatel).
For the on wafer set up upgrade up to 110GHz contract has been signed with Suss Microtec (Germany) in December 2008.

Dr Alina Cismaru performing measurements at the characterization equipment after the up-grade up to 110 GHz.

The vector network analyzer for 0.8...65 GHz was purchased through the CEEX Programme, Module IV. The up-grade up to 110 GHz was performed using) in the frame of the European FP7 project MIMOMEMS and with the support of the national  project SIMMCA (Capacities Programme)

Details of the equipment

Image from the millimeter wave characterization laboratory up to 110 GHz

Photo image of 77 GHz filter

S parameters for77 GHz filter

Photo image of  the 94 GHz antenna suspended on a micromachined SiO2/Si3N4/SiO2 membrane

S22 parameter for the 94 GHz antenna suspended on a micromachined SiO2/Si3N4/SiO2 membrane


The equipments are functional since May 2009.