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Upgrade of Research Equipment

The 65 GHz  frequency synthesizer (expandable to 110 GHz with mixers) purchase procedure was based on a technical + price effectiveness acquisition procedure The best providers in the world (Anritsu, Agilent and Rhode Schwartz) have been invited to participate at the tender which took place in November-December 2008. After a very tuff competition with 4 rounds, with successive reduction of prices and improvement of configurations, it was decided, based on the marks delivered by 4 of the most representative experts from IMT in the microwave field, to purchase the synthesizer for 65 GHz expandable to 110 GHz from Agilent. The contract was signed with Teleprecision SRL the representative of Agilent in Romania at the end of December 2008.

The frequency sintesyser (Agilent E 8257D)

The frequency generator (Agilent) up to 110 GHz purchased in the frame of the European FP7 project MIMOMEMS together with the spectrum analyser (Anritsu) purchased in the frame of the national  project SIMMCA (Capacities Programme

The equipment is functional since April 2009.