The implementation of integrated technological network MINAFOR-RO
The implementation of the Romanian Mirror Group for Forest Based Sector Technological Platform and the approval of admittance from the FTP
Organizing work visit of the specialists in micro and nanotechnologies working in forestry applications, training stages for young researcher and documentation stages for senior researcher in the domain of the project
The implementation and management of the specialists groups (specialists from micro and nanotechnologies and nanomaterials and forest based sector) gathered to elaborate RD project proposals for FP7 and organizing the logistic support (for writing, search partners, access to data base with specialists and latest scientific information)
Organizing Summer School "Introduction in micro-nanotechnologies and nanomaterials and future applications in traditional Industries – Forest Based Sector"
Organizing International Conference "Nanotechnologies and Nanomaterials in Forest Based Sector"
Organizing Scientific Seminar " Micro and nanotechnologies and nanostructured materials applications in Forest Based Sector"
Editing MINAFOR-RO Bulletin (electronic form included)
Enlarging the area of integrated network MINAFOR-RO in all euro regions of Romania and in E/SE Europe and the horizon by entering in SMEs Europeans networks.