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The MiNaSEP project realise a connection of researches from micro- and nanotechnologies to the portable electronic devices requirments and it is envised the development of a new power sources as a hybrid micro- and nanosystems assembly. The theme represents an important research subject in the recent years at international level, and in our country is for the first time when it is proposed the development of a 3D assembly technology in order to miniaturise the actual fuel cell systems and also to simplify and to optimise their working performances. In this scope, the following components will be realised:

1. originally structures - membrane / electro-catalyst nanosystems, with new catalyst geometries, which will lead to improvement of: (i) the low temperature methanol / ethanol electro-oxidation activity of the anode; (ii) the oxygen reduction activity of cathode and increase its selectivity.
2. complex microfluidic system, on silicon (Si) and polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS), microsystem for fuel / water management (supply / storage).

Study of characteristics / properties of designed components, and also study of inteface phenomena will allow us to select the most advantageous scheme to realise a new hybrid complex system, with improved technical performances (the single cell operating at 0.5V, 0.2A/cm2, and 30-60 ÂșC, in atmospheric pressure air) comparable with existing fuel cells and with low-cost of fabrication.
The project represents a new approach in this field both scientific and technological point of view, corresponding to the priority research direction in the area of Information and Communication Technologies, at national and international level.


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