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The general scientific project objectives are:

    • Developing the structure of wood-polymer composite by using polymeric additives and/or natural additives with nanomaterials with included antibacterial properties;
    • Synthesizing nanomaterials with antibacterial properties and, by integration in polymeric matrix, nanocomposites able to sense temperature, humidity and level of carbon dioxide and oxygen;
    • Developing technologies for achieving nanosensors deposited / attached to the wood-polymer structure, for detecting temperature, humidity and level of carbon dioxide and oxygen;
    • Developing covering techniques and compatibilization treatments with the substrate, functionality demonstration for the achieved experimental model and analysis of technological transfer possibility

The strategic objective is to develop a technological network - NANOPROTECT- containing the research teams in the domains of polymers, wood processing, nanomaterials and micro/nanosystems, having as purpose at the end of the project:

    • To acquire new knowledge in the field of nanotechnologies which can be used in the mentioned traditional industries;
    • To elaborate a strategy for developing a house of the future (by fulfilling all the conditions of ambient improvement and environment protection) – this means to join the European technological platforms on forest resources and building, respectively;
    • To implement a scientific and technological cluster (preferably by a public-private project) for facilitating the development of industrial applications of obtained scientific results and to propose a FP7 project on the same thematic area.