Development of topographical and compositional analysis
capabilities of Microphysical Characterization Laboratory of
IMT Bucharest




About the project

This project has as a main purpose the extension of the capabilities of Microphysical Characterization Laboratory from IMT - Bucharest in the field of topographical and compositional analysis of materials and structures for nanotechnology, nanoelectronics and biotechnology. This challenge can be reached by purchasing an ultra-high resolution electron-scanning microscope (FEG-SEM), having integrated modules for analytical techniques.

In nano-electronics the dimensions of sharpest structures are under optical microscopy limits (even deep-UV), and in some circumstances exceed the possibilities of classical SEMs. High resolution SEM is probably the most versatile tool used for characterization at nano-scale dimensions. It is not just a simple instrument but it represents an integrated platform for a large variety of characterization techniques. It is a complex and quite expensive instrument, requiring a specialized human operator.

The project is framed in the first high priority domain of the National Strategy: Information Technology and Communication, subdomain 1.7: Nanoelectronics, photonics and integrated micro and nanosystems, theme 1.7.1 Experimentation of new materials and technologies for nanostructures and integrated circuits at nanoscale. We can also underline the extended characterisation capacities of the equipment proposed towards acquisition in other areas, like: material sciences, bio-nanotechnologies, analytic chemistry, semiconductor industry, environment, health, geology, athmosphere physiscs, etc.






last update: 2 june 2009