Enhancement of functionality for structuration and characterisation






  • participation at the realization of the "grey zone" class 100 000, technological area;
  • acquisition of accessories for up-grading “e-line Ultra High Resolution Electron Beam Lithography and Nanoengineering Workstation, Raith GmbH ”. The modules allow the use at maximum performance of the EBL installation acquired from the German company RAITH, the unique European producer. These modules are:
    • nanomanipulation system - technical characteristics:
      • anomanipulators number: max 5;
      • positioning resolution x-y – 5nm;
      • vertical resolution: 2nm;
      • electromagnetic actuators for large displacements and piezoceramic actuators for fine displacements;
      • compatibility with EBL “RAITH laser interferometer stage” module;
      • DSP controller with work frequency 10 MHz;
      • wolfram probes radius < 50nm;
      • dedicated port for electrical measurements;
    • gas injection system - technical characteristics:
      • 5 capillary injectors;
      • gas for deposition:
        • for wolfram: W(CO)6;
        • for platinum: (Me3)MeCpPt;
        • for SiO2: PMCPS;
        • for carbon: C14H4;
      • gas for etching:
        • for SiO2: XeF2;
        • for carbon: H2O vapours;
        • parallel injection;

      Applications in: nanoelectronics, nanophotonics, nano-bio-technologies.

    • fixed beam moving stage (FBMS)
      • software compatible with RAITH50 technology;
      • line max length 2 cm;
      • sticking accuracy: < 30nm;
      • electron beam modulation possibility during the exposure time;
      • max exposure velocity:  3mm/sec;
      • autonomous controller separately from EBL installation, work frequency: 10 MHz;
  • Acquisition of nanoindenter, for nanomecanic characterization (Nanoindenter);
    • Displacement resolution: 0.01 nm;
    • Force resolution: 50 nN;
    • Maximum force: 500 mN;
    • Maximum indentation depth: 500 µm;
    • Positioning accuracy: 1 µm;




last update: july 2009