The NANOZON project is focused on development of 1D and 2D ZnO nanostructures and on using their properties in order to obtain high performances devices in the field of gas sensors and UV radiation detectors and other devices. 1D and 2D nanostructures (nanowires, interconnected nanowire networks, nanowalls) and mesoporous layers (architectures of nanostructures) that will be used in sensing devices, will be prepared by using innovative processes that will be developed in the project framework, starting from aqueous solution growth method and from thermal oxidation of metallic zinc layer.

Research activities needed in order to meet the project goals are grouped into six work packages:

WP1- Growth from aqueous solution of one-and two-dimensional ZnO nanostructures with controlled morphology on various substrates;

WP2 - Growth of nanostructures and mesoporous ZnO layers by thermal oxidation of metallic zinc;

WP3 – Complex characterization, structural, morphological, electrical, optical and piezo-electro-optical, of the synthesized and the functionalized ZnO nanostructures;

WP4 - Realization experimental models of gas sensors and UV detectors by developing of innovative processes for direct integration of ZnO nanostructures on micro/nano scale patterned substrates;

WP5 - Design and fabrication of the electronic platform for functional characterization of sensors;

WP6 - Management, coordination and dissemination;