General objective

The main objective of NANOZON is to develop innovative processes to obtain 1D and 2D  ZnO nanostructures and mesoporous layers and their direct integration into sensors structures  by combining of the two approchess - "bottom-up" (growth and self-assembly in solution of the nanostructures) and "top-down“ (sellective/localised growth at micro/nano scale by using patterned substrates).

Specific objectives

Growth of nanowires with aspect ratio in range (20-40) by hydrothermal method on various substrates.

Obtaining 1D and 2D nanostructures and mesoporous layers of ZnO by thermal oxidation and by a combined method - hydrothermal and thermal oxidation.

Extensive investigation of 1D and 2D nanostructures and mesoporus layers properties by using advanced characterization techniques in order to optimize the growth processes.

 Experimental Models (ME) of gas sensors and UV photodetectors by direct integration of ZnO nanostructures on micro/nano scale patterned substrates.